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Terms and Conditions

Guarantee and conditions of sale:

Our Terms and Conditions


We will require your signature on the final agreed layout and drawings, as you appreciate once the manufacturing process has started, we cannot alter the layout unless unforeseen circumstances occur.

All electrical work has to be undertaken by a qualified Part P registered electrician.

Therefore we can estimate the work, but this will be priced independently and will be quoted for in writing by the people we use.

Start Dates: We will give you a guideline as to when the work can be started, we cannot make an onward commitment without the confirmation of deliveries from our suppliers and the work schedule of any other tradesmen which might be involved.

If our previous work over runs, i.e. plaster not dry or building work not yet completed, we will have to re-schedule as we do try not to leave any work unfinished prior to starting another job(unless circumstances dictate). After all you would not want to be left with unfinished work yourself.

Important Notice: Newly plastered rooms should be left to environmentally stabilise before storage and installation of doors, carcase and worktops, whatever their material.


We operate a 3-stage payment.

40% deposit 5 weeks prior to anticipated delivery date (some painted finishes will be 10 weeks).

50% on day 1 of installation.

10% on last day of carpentry installation.

We offer a £25.00 discount on all promptly paid payment, i.e., last 10% to carpenter on last day of work.

We accept bank transfers, card, cheque payments.

Cleared funds must be made available for the above terms.

Guarantees and warranties:

  1. All doors ref :_________________ carry a guarantee of 6-10-15 years from date of invoice, against defects in materials only. Doors should be cleaned only with a damp cloth, applying a minimum amount of moisture to components as possible, or approved polish (never use any cleaning materials containing solvents).
  2. High gloss doors should be allowed to cure for 7 days after removing the protective film.
  3. The doors conform to FIRA standard of 1 mm bow over 600mm length if measured when the doors are acclimatised for a period of 96 hours to a temperature of 18-25Celsius.
  4. In the unlikely event that the original colour has been discontinued, the nearest possible alternative will be offered. Any damage reported to us will be dealt with efficiently and swiftly, and any replacement will be at our discretion.
  5. The blum components carry a lifetime guarantee.
  6. The granite worktop is supported by the guarantee offered by Sussex Stone and Marble, Hailsham. Solid surfaces have a 10-15 year guarantee, laminated surfaces have a 10 year guarantee on natural wear and tear, not mis -use.
  7. The installation of any furniture should not happen in a newly plastered room until at LEAST 5 days after plastering.

Appliances warranties & after-sale service: 

Once these are installed, they become your responsibility, please make sure you register your appliance and keep the correct details and phone numbers. We will always try to help, however if the appliance is not registered, we cannot help! Register your appliance quickly and easily by visiting the appliance registration contacts or by visiting


  1. All orders for the goods are to be made in writing by signing a confirmation of order.
  2. Any amendments or additions must be received before the goods enter production. We try to accommodate any changes for whatever reason. These will be priced separately, and we will try our best to proceed as soon as we can get the additional required materials.
  3. We will not proceed with ordering until the above have been processed, this may result in delays of getting your goods in on time.

Price and payment:

  1. Time of payment is the essence of the contract.
  2. The company reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 6% above the base lending rate of the bank of England from the due date until payment in full is received whether before or after judgement has been entered.
  3. No credit shall be given to any individuals at any stage.
  4. Approved account holders (trade only) enjoy 30 days free credit from date of invoice or any other such written agreement between the buyer and the company.
  5. The company reserves the right to require advances stage payments from the Trade buyer as notified to the buyer in writing before delivery of goods (this is between trade to trade not the individual)


  1. The company will use all reasonable endeavours to keep to the agreed delivery dates which are quoted on the basis of existing commitments but will not be liable for delay in delivery however caused. Our suppliers are committed to the same terms and conditions and any force Majeure could result in delaying deliveries to us.
  2. Goods valued below £500.00 before VAT are subject to delivery charge.
  3. The company shall not be liable for the re-delivery of the goods where the buyer is not present to sign or accept delivery. unless otherwise as agreed prior to delivery, ie building site, builder’s yard etc.
  4. Re-delivery or depot collection costs shall be borne by the buyer.


  1. You may not cancel an order unless we agree in writing. We will not agree to the cancellation of an order if processed. You will be liable to pay the full cost. We are a made to measure business and any goods manufactured is for your use only. We are unable to collect any special order items (NON-Stocked)

Returns policy:

  1. Any goods damaged in transit or found faulty before installation must be reported within 7 working days of delivery.
  2. All worktop sink modules (if this applies to you) must be inspected on delivery.
  3. All ceramic and glass sinks must be inspected on delivery.


The company warrants that the goods will be of merchantable quality and will comply with their description, subject to normal trades tolerances. Any claim in respect of the warranty must be notified to the company before the goods are used and in any case within 5 days after installation.


The buyer assumes responsibility for the goods being suitable for the purpose for which they are intended. Illustrations or descriptions given in catalogues or trade literature must be considered as showing types or class only without warranty as to substance, performance, colour, size or shape. We follow our door supplier’s guidance as regards to colour co-ordinated sheet materials to match the doors.


When samples are submitted, these are drawn from bulk and are representative of the whole and no guarantee can be given that every item will be the same in all respects as per sample.


If the goods are ready for delivery but are held back at the buyer’s request, or if the buyer fails to accept delivery, or the buyer has not cleared payment, the company may require the buyer to pay a reasonable storage charge.

Reservation of title:

Until payment has been received in full for the goods supplied by the company:

  1. The goods shall remain the property of the company.
  2. The buyer shall be at liberty to sell the goods, but the company may revoke this power by notice to the buyer if the buyer defaults in payment of the whole or part of the purchase price of the goods.
  3. We may at any time, if any part of the said price shall remain outstanding, recover and resell all or any goods delivered to the customer.


The company shall not be liable for any consequential or special loss arising out of any breach of condition, warranty or contract on the part of the company in respect of the goods. The company’s liability for any such breach in respect of the goods shall be limited to their net invoice value or (at the company discretion) to the replacement of the goods, and the goods are returned to our factory/showroom.

Defective Goods:

Save as herein appearing goods or materials supplied will be repaired free of charge. If we are satisfied that they are defective in materials on delivery and notice of defect is given to us within 3 days of delivery (4 if weekend delivery).

In no event shall we be liable for loss or damage as set out below.

Economic loss, including loss of profits, business revenue, damage or faulty appliances in other rooms not worked by us, goodwill or anticipated savings. Any claims made by the customer by any other party.


This contract is subject to the Laws of The UK and the buyer will submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Courts.

Customer protection

The statutory rights of the consumer as to the quality, fitness or description of goods are not affected by these conditions of sale.


  1. The company means Claremont Interiors.
  2. The buyer means the individual or company who agrees to buy the goods from the company.
  3. The goods means the goods which the company is to supply in accordance with these conditions of sale.
  4. Approved accounts means trade accounts are approved by Euler trade indemnity Ltd or other similar agency. Their ruling will be final.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the company these conditions of sale shall override and exclude any other terms or conditions stipulated or incorporated or referred to by the customer whether in the order of negotiations or in any course of dealing established between the company and the customer.

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