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Design Process

Visit our factory showroom

Our design process usually starts at our showroom where you can see for yourself the quality and finishes on our displays and discover the latest door designs, storage ideas, worktop materials and splashbacks.

We can show you the furniture and working displays as well as present past projects, plans, drawings and finished photographs of projects. We offer a full project management service.

Designing a kitchen, bedroom or home study is a collaboration between ourselves and our customers., From the first meeting through to installation, we will guide and advise you all the way.

Survey and Brief

We offer an initial FREE of charge consultation in the showroom. Zoom, Team or Facebook calls can be arranged if you prefer.

We can start with your own room measurements and any photos of your room before we commence any detailed discussion. We prefer clients to book an appointment so we can dedicate our time to you without interruption. 

We will take a full brief of what you would like to achieve and come up with an initial design focused on your brief. We can visit your home or discuss measurements via Zoom or Team, and follow this up with a survey later. There is no charge for this service.

Working from Architects Plans

If you are moving into a new home or, you have a recent extension, you will have architects plans or a simple sketch which will give us an idea of your space.

Our years of design experience, suppliers and manufacturers will give you an idea of price and timelines. We will explain what you can expect from our service, and we will talk in more details about your ideas, objectives and practical requirements.

We can also work directly with developers on new houses and apartments.

Design & Price

When we have your brief, room measurements and have gained a better understanding of your overall look, style and appliances, we will sketch out some initial ideas. Our designs are bespoke to your needs, and we work through those features which are important to you taking into account the kind of worktop, appliances, central islands, larders etc. in relation to the best natural light sources and access points.

The design can take a few days or up to two weeks, dependent upon the size and complexity of your project. Once designed, we can provide you with a fully transparent estimate. As a guide, our kitchens start from £8,000; on average a solid timber kitchen could cost between £12,000 and £30,000, and some projects can go to £45,000 plus. However, all our customers provide us with a guide budget to work with, so you are in full control of your project costs.

Computer-Aided Design

Once we have completed the design and estimate, we will invite you back to the showroom for a presentation of our ideas. We will show you the drawings and visuals and provide you with a full written estimate.

Seeing your kitchen in 3D allows our customers to get a good overall impression on how their new kitchen will look in real life.

Hopefully, by this time, you will have seen our design ability and want us to progress your project. If you decide to move forward with your kitchen with us, plans and images can be released. At this stage, we can still refine the design and minor details.

Refining the design

Having invested effort and time in your new kitchen, bedroom or study, we will refine your design, add in any final details and prepare for placing your order.

Schedule & Contract

A contract and detailed schedule will be drawn up, and we will confirm the dates. All the scheduled payments are broken down within the contract, and advance notice of when payments are due will be made by email or phone. This should ensure the manufacturing, delivery and installation schedule is not compromised.


We will have agreed on the delivery at the pre-contract stage which is normally a week before the installation is scheduled. Since Covid-19, there have been some delays, but on the whole, we try and minimise any changes to the schedule. 

The delivery team will adhere to social distancing guidelines as per government regulations at the time of delivery.

All we ask if for you to provide clear access to a suitable storage area for the items.


The installation will commence on the agreed date upon ordering. We usually start on a Monday or Tuesday (depending on Bank Holidays). If we are just finishing off a previous job, we may move the day that week, but we will advise you if this occurs. Likewise, when we are finishing your project off, we may slip into the next projects week. This would not impact the dates or schedule, as we can often catch up quite quickly.

Final Sign Off

We will endeavour to catch all the finishing detail during the process. We will ask you to inspect the project and feedback any concerns along the way. If we have missed anything, we will agree on a completion list and ask you to sign this off, once completed. We aim to always give complete customer satisfaction, and we always ensure that everything is addressed in full.